Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scrapbook Volunteers

When I got the babies, I felt very strongly that I needed to be their record keeper and as far as it was possible. I had to make sure that the babies had a life story that would tell of their early years here at Starfish. I have taken thousands of pictures and we write everyday what they eat, how many diapers we change and their milestones, when they get teeth, when they crawl etc. Then I give that to the parents as a memento when the children are adopted. I was such an avid scrapbooker before and so it was an easy choice to make to give each one of the babies a scrapbook. Well, there is a huge difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it!
We had an article written about Starfish in the Creative Keepsake Top Ten issue in January 2006. At that time there were only six babies and the tasked seem manageable. People were moved by the story and we received so may donations to make these books for the babies. I had no idea what was coming. Twenty babies and an adoption a month. We had three adoptions in May of this year. I have reached my goal of handing out these beautiful works of art but I cannot take any credit for it. I have two women to thank for this: Naomi and a group of moms who have adopted from China have made scrapbooks that I have handed out, which just need to have pictures added, because all the scrapbooking is done. We just got a box with eight books this week from them. Virginia on the other hand has scrapbooked everything. I have send her pictures and she has a group of women who help her. Because the demand has been fast and furious Virginia is needing some extra volunteers to get the books done. If you are interested in helping, please will you contact her at She could do with some help. The wonderful things is that we get a copy of these scrapbooks which we keep at Starfish and so we also have a memento.
I know it means so much to the family's of the child. Often there is only one solitary picture of their child with no other information. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped to make my desire to give the children their own scrapbooks a reality. I honestly could not have done it, had others not offered a helping hand.
I thought I would show you some of the ages that have been scrapbooked recently.

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John & Michelle said...

That Breanna's dimples bring a smile to my face everytime I see her! Blessing to you all. I love reading your blog!
Waiting for Raegan to come home from China (LID 3.8.07)

Cyndie said...

Gabriel's Mom said the following:

I do think that the albums you make are more than beautiful mementos...they represent a huge success: that a child was found, loved, healed and cherished.

Cyndie said...
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