Saturday, October 25, 2008

Olivia is Now Mei-Li

Well our 15th adoption is done. Our Olivia is now to Mei-Li and she will be moving on to Holland soon. The adoption it self was pretty calm. As long as I was around Olivia was okay. She did not want to have much to do with her mom and dad but I was so grateful that her sister, Yo-Lin was there. Yo-Lin is five and she came from Nanchang, which is where I am going at the end of this week to go and do surgeries. I am always amazed at how interconnected life is here. Yo-Lin was also a heart baby and so they have this in common. Olivia watched Yo-Lin with such interested and I could tell very soon that there was a bond that was forming with the two of them. Olivia had no problem sharing her cookies and her M&M's with Yo-Lin, a very good sign. The cute thing for me was listening to Yo-Lin speak Dutch. In South Africa we speak a language called Afrikaans and a majority of it came from Dutch. It was so weird for me to see this Chinese girl speak in a language other than Chinese. Yo-Lin was happily talking to me and I was answering her in Afrikaans which she seemed to understand.
I like to go with the Starfish babies and stay with them until they fall asleep on the first night. In the room, Olivia wanted nothing to do with lying down. She did not even want her diaper changed. It took her a really long time before she got tired and even then she refused to lie down. She sat up and fell asleep and did not even want me to hold her. It was really funny to watch. Finally, she could not keep her eyes open any longer and with my hands around her head, holding her up, she fell asleep. Finally, after 10 minutes she let me lie her down.
Her parents have been keeping a blog in Dutch and on it they mention about the two girls playing: Ze had dikke pret. I love this saying because it literally means she had "thick fun." What a cute way of explaining the two of them playing together. I was so happy to read that Olivia wanted to do everything her bigger sister did. Brush her teeth, take a bath and change her clothes.
They have already come back to visit us once and will come again on Friday before they leave for Beijing.
We have four babies who are matched as far as we know and we have a few more who could be surprises because their paperwork has been at the CCAA for a while now. I wonder who will be adoption number 16?
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