Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nathaniel's Adoption

We have completed Nathaniel's adoption, number 13. I am usually so concerned for the babies during this very traumatic time. I get really anxious that their little hearts will endure what is a very painful experience. Nathaniel was no different. He was really attached to us and I was so worried that he was not going to handle strangers well. The Civil Affairs Office was just one big cry and so were the pictures afterwards. I asked if I could go with them to the hotel and after we sat on the floor and played, Nathaniel was much better and I could see the bonding process starting. We sat and talked while Nathaniel had three bottles of milk and after he fell asleep we left. I thought it was such great experience because his parents were open to helping their son.
It is no secret that I think that spending as much time as we can is best for the children. I try really hard to make this happen because I feel that there is a better transfer of affection and there is not this abrupt separation. We are not an orphanage in the true sense of the word and this is much more like a family. I cannot not make adoptive families do anything they do not want to, but I was very glad to see Nathaniel's family come back often because I really feel that it helped Nathaniel feel more calm. He was so cute when he came back the first time. He was hugging the other babies and generally going nuts. He left Xian with his Mom and Dad yesterday afternoon and it turned out to be such a sweet affair. That was mostly due to Nathaniel. Rebecca and Rachel were with him downstairs at the taxi and he hugged and kissed them each for a long time...twice. My heart just melted at the sight. He is such an affectionate kid. We have lots of photos of him kissing other babies. He was still crying at the end but I am sure it did not last long.

The other interesting thing that has happened, is that Jade and Rebecca is understand the idea of going to find a family. The morning after the adoption they were saying that Nathaniel was gone and that we went to find his mom and dad. I think, this is in part to the fact that there are family photos of Nathaniel and Gabriel on the door and so the babies know there are families coming to get them. This idea was helped by the fact that Jeannie also got adopted. Her new name by the way is Anne Celine.

As you might know I have a personal scrapbooker. Her name is Virginia and with a group of volunteers she prepares the babies scrapbooks. I would like to share with you the first page of Nathaniel's book, to show you what great work they do. His new name is William or Will for short. I am so grateful to them for making such a great memory for the children of their time at Starfish.

BTW, Ohio is now officially my favorite state in the US. I found out Gabriel is being picked up in the early part of September and he will make baby number 4 in Ohio. What is in the water of there? I want to bottle it and export it to other states.
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Amy Rankin said...

The way it is supposed to be!!!
Here's to many more wise parents and gentler transitions!

Kirsty said...

Hi Amanda!

This is Kirsty Randall (Ken and Gina's daughter from SA) I'm fairly sure you are the Amanda I knew but I can't get your email link to let me in so please email if you are!

If you don't know me I would still like to say that what you are doing is phenomenal! Thank you!

Btw, I now live in Ohio :)It's not my favourite state but I'm glad you like it :D