Monday, May 05, 2008

Kaifeng babies: A feel good story

Here is a story that started last year, when I took the three flowers to Shanghai for Dr Lazareff's medical trip and Heather, Lily and Jasmine had their spina bifida surgery. We were placed in a room with eight beds and almost immediately I noticed that there were problems with two of the babies from Kaifeng who were also there to have spina bifida surgery. Next to us was a little boy who weighed 3 kg (almost 7 pounds) at 3 months. He was just skin and bone and the nanny was having him suck on an empty bottle. She has no milk powder and did not know where to find the water. There was also a little girl right across from us, who was sleeping and I noticed that she was not being fed at all. She was only 25 days old. The nanny said that the baby could not eat when she was sleeping and so she was not feeding her since she was sleeping all the time. Me and my big mouth immediately started telling the nurses and talking to the nannies. I was so scared the babies were going to die before Dr Lazareff could do the surgeries. I also started feeding the little boy next to us every two hours through the night. On Friday morning, we all got a fright!!! I looked up and saw the little girl had gone blue. I jumped up grabbed her and ran to the nurses station shouting for a nurse as I was running. (Picture that if you can) Luckily the head nurse was there and they managed to resuscitate her. Finally I had gotten their attention!! The nurses then arranged for hospital provided milk and I monitored how much they were drinking. The girl's nanny was sent home and they got a local woman to take care of her. Since there were so many foreigners volunteering, people took these two babies under their wing and through a combined effort the babies were saved. The biggest help was Pam Hines who spent two nights watching over the babies while I tried to get some sleep after my two nights. It was really hard sleeping in that big room with all the commotion and the crying. I was so sleep deprived.

The next few days brought a new baby from Kaifeng that had emergency surgery with Dr Bao. The nanny was not able to read, write or tell the time and was not doing a good job of taking care of her baby. The wound got infected twice with feces and Dr Bao had to do surgery each time to clean the wound out. This baby then went into foster care and he is now called David and he is in the process of being adopted. (the third photo)

I had no idea what happened to these babies. Tingting went to Kaifeng orphanage recently and she took some pictures. When she showed me the pictures and asked me who this was...... I had no idea. To my delight she told me that this is the same little boy and girl from a year ago. She took her clothes off so you could see her fat rolls.

Great story. Now all that I would like to hear is that they have gotten adopted.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Nothing sweeter then seeing a baby with those gorgeous rolls... keep up the good work... take care

MacMui Mom said...


You are truly an amazing person! I first heard about you on my DTC group and then sponsored one of your first babies. I know our Heavenly Father had a very important mission for you in life, and this is certainly it. Thank you for caring so much for these little ones and for being such an inspiration to the rest of us. Blessings, Lisa

redmaryjanes said...

Your life is so filled with love and purpose. I wonder how many children have been saved since you made the decision to start the Starfish Home and dedicate yourself to these children.

Marji said...


Thank you for this post, I support the LWB nutrition program at the Kaifeng SWI and those fat rolls are proof positive that is is working. I hope all your readers are inspired to click over the the Love Without Boundaries website and share their concern for the underfed kids after seeing those inspirational stories!

Marji, mom to four Chinese born beauties

Jesicca said...

Isn't it amazing what a little love, nutrition and pray can do for these little ones! God bless you!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a happy ending. I can't imagine being you.... knowing that your life is truly making a difference in so many precious lives. May God's blessings rain down upon you friend for your pure and giving heart.
We have started an Auction blog called making a difference One Child At A Time. I am so excited because everyone is coming together and donating and bidding and so far in just a few weeks we have raised $833.00 to help your babies and the babies in the orphanages that are contacting you for help to have their surgeries. Everyone is paying directly through a link to the Starfish Children's services. I hate to bother you but I just wanted to make certain that the link I have provided them on my sidebar that the funds being donated from the auctions will go towards paying for the surgery of the child that is in most dire need at that time. I am hoping and praying that the Lord will cause this site to grow and that He will use it in a mighty way.
If you get a chance please come visit the site and look at the sidebar link for the donations to see if I have it set up correctly for the money to go to pay for the surgeries. Thank you so much Amanda for your lovely heart...
Happy Mother's day sweet, sweet mother of so many dear little ones.