Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Benjamin's Adoption: Our ninth

Benjamin met his forever family for the first time last Sunday. I was so sad because I could not be with him for this important event in his short live, since Emily still needed to go to the hospital every day. I asked Kay if she would go with him to meet his mom, Carrie and his dad Paul. From what I heard it went pretty well, although Benjamin did cry some, which not unusual. Luckily, I got to talk to Carrie on the phone so I knew how Benjamin, who will now be called Anthony was doing.
On Wednesday, the family that I am staying with the Kedls offered to take care of Emily, if I wanted to go to Xian and see everyone on Friday. (Thanks you for being so thoughtful Ann) It was going to be the last day for the family in Xian and then they would leave on Saturday for Guangzhou and the US Embassy portion of the trip. I jumped at the chance and flew out to Xian on Thursday night. There were some other important things to take care of and it would also give me the opportunity to meet the family and say goodbye to Benjamin/Anthony. I love the fact that we got to spend some time together and that Carrie and Paul got to say thank you to the nannies and the nannies got to say something to the family. Lots of tears but also some good feelings that all was well and then Benjamin would be happy with his new family.
The surprise of the day: Carrie hand-made me a quilted blanket with a starfish theme from some fabric she found on the internet. The first thing out of my mouth was: How do you have time with two four year olds and a two year old at home. Such a wonderfully thoughtful present. I was so touched. I will have to take a picture and send it.
In the meantime here are some pictures of Benjamin. The last one is my absolute favorite. I just love the way Benjamin is laughing and the faces of all the other kids is just priceless. Benjamin had so much fun with the other kids on Friday. I loved seeing him with Nathaniel. He was laying the love on thick with everyone, but Nathaniel got special attention. My heart just melted when I saw him walking with Nathaniel, who is not too steady on his feet yet, holding his hand. He patiently waited for him to move and did not walk too fast.
Tiantian's adoption is on Sunday. I got a gift box from her family on Friday and I have no idea who the parents are. Since I am going to miss this one too, I wrote a letter to them. I am hoping to meet up with them when I get back. I am not sure what is happening with Emily's wound and there is no word on when she can go home. We are still changing the dressing once a day and there is still some fluids seeping that needs to be drained.
Happy Mother's day!! To all the future mothers to be who are waiting for their children who born half way across the word and especially to those first time moms like Michael's mom, who have the joy of celebrating their first mother day this year with a child at home.
A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. ~Cardinal Mermillod
Life, Love and Laughter,
Starfish Foster Home

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I never tire of seeing the kids going to their families... I could imagine that on one hand it would be awfully hard to see but on the other hand it would be wonderfully to see them going off with their new families... lots of hugs to you all and glad that everyone is safe... take care