Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Benjamin/Anthony: His first update

We got our first update from Benjamin/Anthony. It looks like he is not missing one little bit. I think he has his own kindergarten class going with his two older brothers and one younger. Anthony is only three weeks older that Anderson. It is almost like they ahe two sets of twins.

Anthony is doing pretty well here after being home only 4 days. We arrived home on Thursday early am, about 2 am and we were up until Friday night. Surprisingly he did pretty well on the long flight too. He cried on the third leg, and I was about ready to join him :) Its just such a long journey with 3 connecting flights, luggage check in x 3, customs, immigration, etc. He had it! He wouldn't sleep much but did cat nap in my arms. He was not a fan of the car seat at all and cried for about 20 minutes on the way home. We in Ohio are required by law to have all children in a car seat, so I couldn't take any chances.He has totally become attached to my hip and won't let me out of his sight for a second. Not even a private moment to use the restroom; he waited 2 inches in front of me until finished! Yep, I couldn't believe it and he wanted nothing to do with Paul. I know this hurt him, but we are also aware that the children will attach to one parent over the other. Its me this time, and we just have to go with it.

He is not eating great, but I have had a variety of snacks from China that I purchased from Lotus and he won't eat that either. I was at the doctor on Friday and found the poor little guy has a double ear infection. My oh my! No wonder he probably doesn't want to eat! Besides all the changes in his life, he didn't even want Chinese snacks! He is on antibiotics for 10 days. Aside from eating, he drinks his milk every minute of the day, so he is at least doing that. Today he ate some Chinese noodles with veggies and did eat pancakes yesterday for breakfast, so I think he might be starting to feel better and adjust to us too.

He plays all day long with his brothers, as if he has been here forever. I was so hoping that would be our saving grace! That is one of the many reasons I LOVE children, besides their obvious resilience, they just play...and play...and it doesn't matter who, what, or where...they just play. He has had a ball and wrestles around the floor, plays trucks, runs outside, etc. We have so many toys that he is probably overwhelmed some but doesn't seem to mind exploring EVERYTHING. He even is picking up stuff and cleaning his mess.

As of last night, he did sleep with only one interruption. He whimpers some and we go in and rub his back to soothe him and he fell back asleep. I think with some food in his belly, the time adjustment, and the antibiotics, his system is feeling better. I am happy for that.

So, all in all he is doing exceptionally well for only a couple worries.:) He woke up with that fabulous smile that lights my world. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be his mama. I am also forever grateful for the love and laughter you have taught him for 2 1/2 years.

We look at your pictures and he tells me about his friends in Chinese. He recalls all of their names and waves to his friends too. He is so precious!

One photo is of Anthony's new room and his brothers showing him where he is to sleep! The other is our last day in China. Our first night out with Anthony in Guangzhou, China is the family photo.

Take care


redmaryjanes said...

What a wonderful family for him to become a part of. The boys all look so darling together. The four musketeers!

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