Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Milk and diapers for all the babies

I thought I should give you some idea of what it takes to keep the babies in milk and diapers. I have actively tried to get many of these products delivered because you have no idea how much effort it takes to go to the supermarket to buy many of these things. Getting through the check out is a nightmare and I often have to beg the clerks to please add a 12 times an item otherwise they will swipe them one by one. It takes a lot of patience which I cannot be accused of having. The last time I bought 30 small towels in three different colors and she individually checked the first 10 and by the third ten she understood. That was so great because I have two boxes of wet wipes which added up to 24 bags and if she had continued to like that I would have gone crazy and thrown a tantrum in the middle of the floor. Just imagine that!!

I would publicly like to thank P&G for their donation of Pamper diapers.....100 boxes. Here is what that looks like. They were delivered in two small vans. They were very kind to send us the best quality diapers they have. I was happy with the diapers which cost half the price so the babies now have their bums in the best diapers on the Chinese market. We use about US$400 of diapers in a month so you can just imagine what a huge savings this is going to be. Thank you so very much.

We also have boxes of milk delivered. The one is Nestle and we get 25 boxes with 12 liters of milk in each one. That would work out to be 1200 cups of milk we use in three weeks to one month, which works out to be US$330 a month on milk. The second company is the formula company. At the moment the bill for that is not as high because most of the babies are older than one year and we use fresh milk for them. But there are times that we have a monthly bill for US$1 000 for the milk powder.

Try to get this all organized is a job which takes so much planning. We have to get things ordered before we even run out and if you have ever shopped in a Chinese supermarket you will know that having a stock pile of things is not in their vocab nor is it their MO. When things are sold out then they might order some new stock. It could take months before they have that product again. We just can't wait. There have been times we have called the distributor for the infant formula and they have not had any product. A city of 8 million people and they have no formula.

The important thing the babies are getting fat and knowing what they were like when they first got here, that is music to my ears. Erica and Cailean now have fat rolls around their wrist and Nathaniel has a fat roll on his calf. Breanna and Callum are getting there. This all makes me very happy. Even Kaitlyn is picking up weight. Sarah and Nathaniel both struggled a lot with that in the beginning. Then they seem to hit a magic mark and added the pounds. We were just presistent. Look at them now.

Life, Love and Laughter,

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Raybelles said...

Hi Amanda,

I've just found your blog and am just so tremendously amazed by and in awe of you and your team and what you're doing. It's just more wonderful than I can put into words. I live in China and as I've got a growing little baby, I've got her outgrown clothes that maybe you could do with?? The only thing is, I can't open the email link to you on my computer. Please could you email me your email address if you've got a sec between feedings and nappy changings!

Tatienne said...

Hi Amanda,

all this is very interesting and I I'm sure to use this in my essay,

Love, and