Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sarah/Lily is getting adopted

I thought of Antoinette all day long yesterday because she and her family were leaving Xian. I never got to hear from them again and I do not even know her families name and where they live in Spain. Thank you so much to everyone that wrote letters of comfort. This job is not for the faint of heart. It takes more courage and determination than I am capable of. I decided that I cannot have this make me quit because I am in a position to help so many other children.

However, as is the case there are always new things on the horizon and the latest is that Sarah/Lily's family will be here in a few days to come and get her. Her parents and the oldest brother Luke who is 15, will be traveling to China. Because I have been in contact with the family for a while I hope this adoption will be much smoother. While I was getting photos ready for Sarah/Lily's scrapbook Ryan sent me this photo which I absolutley loved. I am amazed that when I look at that picture and I look at what they look like now. Not one of them weighed more than six and a half pounds!!! Sarah/Lily was a whopping 4 and a half pounds in this picture and a little puking machine. Now they are all more that 25 pounds each. What a change!! I have found cleft palate babies to be the most difficult of the babies to take care of. Having three of them at the same time almost caused me to run. We struggled so hard with all three of them.

Sarah/Lily has also taken to Breanna so well. She loves sitting on the arm of the couch and playing with her and I like these two pictures so very much. Breanna reacts by belling laughing at Sarah, who is quiet the little ham. Breanna has been doing so well. She is picking up weight and her neck is getting stronger by the day. She is so easy to put to sleep. She loves to snuggle and likes to have a cloth near her face She usually cries for a few minutes but is out in 5 minutes. I love putting her to sleep. We will probably be doing her surgery in early April. I am so grateful to all the families that have contributed to the medical cost of doing this heart surgery. I will have to arrange this with Dr Li.

Jack is back in Shanghai to have his shunt put in again. His hydrocephalus became really bad. I hope that all will go well this time and that he will not reject the shunt and get an infection this time.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home


Mob said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date about whats going on and thank you for persevering!
That would be so cool if Breanna's surgery happened in April and it was April that raised some money for her surgery.
The pic of the 3 babies in a row is darling. That must be so hard on you, I will never complain about having one baby again!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, you are such a great person to have given love to so many otherwise completely lost children. Antoinette will remember you and come back to find you when she grows up. I know I would if I were her. Remeber to leave contact information for her to find you.:-)


redmaryjanes said...

You and Antoinette have been on my mind. I was so hoping you would get a call. You are stronger than me my friend. I am so glad that there are people like you in this world.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just LOVE their smiles... so gorgeous...

Tatienne said...

Sara I miss her like crazy I miss all the babies