Saturday, October 13, 2007

Erica's surgery has been successful and she has been such a good baby since she came out of the OR on Thursday afternoon. She is sleeping a lot and has been drinking 4 and 5 oz bottles consistently. I think she was having quiet a lot of pain before the surgery because she often meowed like a cat when you moved her, but that has stopped. Seeing her head without that "hairy tomato" was so fabulous. The sack had grown so big that people thought it was a second head and would stare for a long time. Thank you so very much Dr Bao.

I have had a wonderful time in Shanghai. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who have helped. Being in Shanghai has been like a vacation for me, I have been so spoiled. The food has been wonderful and made new friends who are willing to help the babies. Thank you to the owners of the Faulkner Motel, I love spending time with your family.

Christopher's scar has healed and he will have his stitches out soon, but he is going to stay in Shanghai to be near the doctors if he needs anything else. We found out that he has an extremely rare bone decease called Jarco-Levin Syndrome and spondylocostal dystosis. Most of the websites are really pessimistic about the prognosis for these babies but we have found some sites that says with the proper medication they can grow into adulthood. We are trying to find out how we can help him. So if anyone has any ideas or access to some information or a doctor please let us know. As you can imagine this situation is really unusual for the doctors but the fact that they diagnosed it is just wonderful.

To Patrick and Cindy: You have been so awesome with our Asian Star and I hope that you dream will come true.

I will send some photo's next time.

Life, Love and laughter, (* a note about this: Someone send me an email and they added Life to this. I thought about it and I loved this idea, because with each baby at Starfish we save a life, with each surgery we improve a life and with each adoption a new life starts)

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redmaryjanes said...

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well and that all of the babies are stable and happy. Any new babes coming in?