Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finally some pictures

Well for those who have wanted to see pictures here they are. Thanks to Jenni who shared all of her pictures with me before she went back to the US yesterday morning. Thank for all your coming to volunteer and for all your help with the heart babies Jenni.

One of my favorite memories of Danielle in Hangzhou has to do with this rubber duck in her mouth. She was teething (Four teeth on top at the same time) and we would put the tail first into her mouth and she would happily chew on it all the while the duck would be squeaking.

The Starfishes on the sofa came out so well. This was Jonas' gotcha day and as you can see he did have shoes. He looked so happy. We did not get everyone in the picture, some were sleeping. He looked so handsome with Hong Li, our nanny!! When he left with his parents the next Wednesday he was blowing kisses and waving goodbye as they left. Not a tear was shed. That is my ultimate goal for each adoption. Happy final goodbyes with no tears.

Danielle came out of the SICU on Saturday and as I am writing this Rachel and Bethany are on their way back to Xian. I am so happy to know that all is well with our heart babies. It has been a really long trip for Rachel and Danielle and I am that are getting better. Thank you so much Dr Li and Dr Tan. Rachel has lost a lot of weight but her lung infection has cleared up and we are going to fatten her up again.

There are so many pictures to short through. When I will send some more soon.

Love and laughter,


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures and I love
the duck and the couch picture.
Blessings to all....continued
healing. Mary

Mom of 5 said...

What beautiful pictures !

redmaryjanes said...

They are just so beautiful. It's like you have a very large family there.

Veronika said...

They are just gorgeous. Thanks for the couch pic, it's great to see how much the older babies (or is it toddlers now?) have grown. Thanks for sharing.