Friday, April 13, 2007

Laura Joan.....a girl on the move

I love it when I get some updates on our three babies who have been adopted. This week it is Laura Joan who has a lot of photos. They look so cute and I am so happy to see her thriving with such a loving family. Here is what Evelyn had to write:

Isn't she precious reading to one of her Teddy Bears? She loves books but does not give you enough time to read the book to her before she wants it back. She is such a hoot!

The family pic is after the church Easter egg hunt.

Laura Joan loves all her stuffed animals and loves to walk around with them. If she could carry them all she would.

We made a valentines cake and Laura Joan and Carson decorated it together. It was so sweet. She copies everything Carson does.

She loves to help me with laundry as you see she likes to wear the laundry. Luckily this was the clean laundry.

The kids had great fun with the slip and slide.

Laura Joan moved the chair to get her very own crayons. Nothing is safe from her grasp!

She is busy and fun and we adore her.


redmaryjanes said...

She looks so happy. Your heart must just be beaming!

Anonymous said...

Laura looks so happy and her family
too! Here's praying for loving families for all the other babies too!

Laura said...

Glad to see that she hasn't changed one bit! :D