Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The tooth and walking fairies

The tooth fairy has been so busy at my house that I am amazed if any other babies in the world have gotten any teeth. Sean, Rachel, Jeannie, Olivia, Michael, Gabriel, Jade, Angel and Sarah have all been cutting new teeth. To be honest it has been a little hair raising not to mention loud at times. I have noticed that the three cleft palette babies seem to have had the most pain while they are teething with Sarah leading the way.

No amount of crying could have drowned out all the noise we have been living with the last two weeks. There have been three big days of fireworks. New Years Eve, the half way through and until the Latern festival. Last year it was not nearly this bad. At times is sounds like there is a bomb going off. For the Lantern Festival you had to eat yuan tang which is a soup made from round balls with sesame paste in the middle. We were given some really delicious ones.

In the walking department Benjamin is now upright most of the time. It took Jade a little longer but she is now walking too. It is so cute to watch because is so extremely careful and at the sign of any trouble she sits down. I think that this shows so much of her personality. On a side note, she is biting anyone who makes her mad. This happens on a regular basis. Poor Benjamin has already had a bruise on his face where she bit him once and Gabriel's fingers are getting chomped on too. Gabriel who just had his first birthday party is going to be the next one to walk. He is of the same school of thought as Angel. Stand up and just plow your way forward and if you fall get up and do it again, showing no fear as you go which means bumping your head often. Gabriel is now 1 kg or 2.2 pounds BIGGER than Benjamin, who is taller. So you can imagine just how short and stocky Gabriel is. The thing is Gabriel likes to eat and he will try anything where Benjamin is quiet picky. Michael is still cruising the furniture.

Heather has made some incredible improvement since she has been here. When she arrived she was just a blob. She had no muscles and it was hard to hold her. We fed her as much as we can and she loves the pudding tofu. About a two weeks ago she started showing signs of being able to move her head from side to side and a week ago I found her sleeping with her head in the opposite direction to the one she normally sleeps in. For the last few days she has been able to hold her head up when you hold her and she is also using her left hand more and more. Last night she rolled over onto her back and with her sack that was not a good idea. I can't wait for April and their surgeries. As for Jasmine, she has got incredible strength. She is already able to stand up with a little bit of help and like a certain young lady by the name of Laura Joan, Jasmine also hates sitting down and would rather be standing. I think she is much older than four months.

Our old timers, Jonas and Antoinette are doing so well. Jonas still has about a four word vocabulary but he is so cute. He understands both Chinese and English and has taken over Flower/Nina's job of handing out the bottles to the different babies. He is so proud of himself!!! Last night he started collecting them and giving them back to Mrs Liu just like Flower/Nina. He continues to show such an aptitude for anything mechanical. He knows the key opens the door which we have to lock because he can open the doors with the handles. he lvoes carrying out the big empty water contaiers when we get water delivered. Antoinette has the most amazing sound, a language all of her own and which we cannot copy. She loves books and wants to be read to all the time. And no, I have not heard a single thing about her being adopted. I had this thought in my head that she was going to go to Europe. I do not know why.

As for the rest of the rugrats. Jeannie, Rachel, Nathaniel are doing their jobs eating and sleeping and Sean is still winning the butterball competition. He is going to be 10 kg is record time. He is so fat that it is amazing to think of the baby that first arrived. They are all able to sit in the walkers and are beginning to move around. Jeannie has the most blood curdling scream but she is normally very placid and friendly. Out of all of them I think Nathaniel has made such a noticeable change. His face and head is looking so good. His lips is plump and I think he is going to be one handsome dude when his lip is repaired.

Olivia has graduated to the big room and so has Michael. Gabriel is going to be next. He has gotten used to the crib and is only waking up once a night.

So you can see all is well in the land of Starfish. I am making arrangements for a busy April when there will be eight surgeries. I cannot wait to meet up with all the medical groups that I met before and then to see the babies after their surgeries. I am so grateful to those groups who prepare all year long to come out to China and in spite of some major obstacles and to perform surgeries for the children who need it.

Love and laughter,
With 15 babies who slept through the noise of New Year. Thank Heavens!!!


Veronika said...

Thank you for such an awesome update! It's great to hear how good all the kids are doing and I must say that Olivia is miles past cute with that toothy smile of hers. She is a true little princess! Which babies are getting operations in April? It is also great to hear how well Heather is doing. The only complaint is that there are not enough pics!! :-) I'd love to see some recent pics of the older babies (please??) Blessings to you all,

redmaryjanes said...

What a wonderful update! It is so good to see that they all are doing so well. Is there anything that you need, like blankets or sleepers or clothing?
I would happy to send some items.

asiangarden said...

Ahahaha those are some adorable pictures!
We had the soup too, it is glutonus rice flour balls with the black sesame paste (to bring a sweet year)
I cannot believe they slept through the fire works!
Have you tried teething tablets?Those worked wonders for Kai-Li, and also homiopathic like the gripe water.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your posting, thinking of my 15-month old daughter, adopted from China only five months ago! Teething is universal. We're going through it here.


TBG Happenings said...

Thanks for the great update! Never a dull moment. Anyone show up on any lists yet?? Our agency is still waiting for their new group of children with special needs. I'll let you know if I hear anything.


The Carmodys said...

Thanks for the starfish update. Sounds like all is going pretty good - I can't imagine dealing with that many teething babies though - one is hard enough!

Keep up the amazing work.


henna's hearsay said...

Sounds like you need teething tablets -- let us know if you need some. Hopefully your new website will list things you need. My kids would really enjoy sending things.