Saturday, March 03, 2007

An incredibly inspiring story

I learned this morning about the incredibly inspiring story of Debbe Magnusen who has helped save 564 abandoned babies in the US after she found a baby in a dumpster. ( ) She has an organization called Project Cuddles and if you live in the US and would like to volunteer your time be sure to visit her site. She has some great ways to make a difference including a hotline and making school presentations.

This is a strange thing to have happen. I very seldom remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt I found a naked baby with seven fingers on each hand and spina bifida on the lower spine next to the road wrapped in newspaper. So here I am with baby number 22. I have so much more to go.

Love and laughter,


The Carmodys said...

Baby #22 - that's amazing Amanda! It all comes back to the story of the starfish - one at a time. You are such a blessing and have touched so many lives - even through this blog. Thank you.


redmaryjanes said...

You go girl!! 22 beautifully blessed children. You have changed the world, as one woman in China.

Veronika said...

01How wonderful! Please keep us updated, I think of your babies and you all the time.

A Special Family said...

Sounds like you - inspirational!