Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Flower....Home in Idaho

I cannot believe that Flower has been gone for three weeks and that she has been in Idaho for two weeks. Time seems to fly. Here is a letter from Flower's mom which I loved reading. Our girl is doing good and the nannies are so happy to hear all the news and see the pictures.

We've been home for two weeks and it still doesn't seem real! everyone kept telling us our lives would change so dramatically with kids and so far it hasn't at all, other then one more seat in our car is taken up. she is such an easy going kid! some days i can't believe it's been too weeks because it seems like yesterday but most of the time it just feels like she's always been here. KG and I were talking yesterday and neither of us has had any significant 'I'm a parent now' moments. Here are some of the highlights of the last two weeks. She is talking more and more! She will pretty much repeat everything we say. One of our favorite word's she says is noonals (noodles) all nasally. It's so cute! Every time she sees a camera she stops in her tracks and says 'cheese' and strikes a pose, even if the camera's not on! She also likes to mimic what we do. For example, KG will stand with his back to a wall and cross one leg up and in front of the other so he's just standing on one leg. Within seconds she has noticed and will have her back to the wall trying to imitate the stance. I'll come up with goofy things just to see if she's paying attention. We don't let her know we're watching and she thinks she's being sneaky! She loves to help me with work stuff and just trots along behind me greeting tenants as we go! They of course all love her! She is now the second child in the apartment complex so she gets lots of attention. We started only giving her bottles at night the first week and the second week got rid of them completely. She uses a sippy cup at night and sometimes during the day but she does really well with a regular cup. She loves our night time routine. We all get on our bed and she gets her soy milk in her sippy cup while we each read her a story. We then say prayers. I then get up, turn off the light, turn on the Enya music she now loves and sings along too, and KG rocks her for a few minutes and then puts her in her crib that's right next to the bed. She sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours a night. The girl loves food! We are so grateful that she is a good eater! We both struggle with kids that won't try anything! She will try anything once! If she doesn't like it we don't care because we don't like everything either. She likes most everything though. She doesn't like hamburger or jell-o or strawberries. those are sticking out in my mind right now. i think for her it tends to be a texture thing more then a taste. We had steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions the other day and so far it's been the only thing that she's eaten every bite of and then clicked the plate after! She also loves refried beans! We make burritos and she makes such a fun mess with it and eats it all up! She loves to sing with me! I'll say a few words and she repeats it as best she can, usually getting the number of syllables with gibberish words, but always getting tune right. Her favorites right now are You are My Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. she loves to do the actions to the last two. We love lazy days that we all just sit around in our pajamas and play and read. Although I think we've only gotten two or three of those in! She had her first doctors appointment and everything checked out although we think she had a milk allergy. We won't really know for sure until we go several weeks but we'll see. She also had her first dentist appointment and loved it. Her teeth look great! She loves to brush. She does it first while we do ours then she lets us finish up hers. She also loves us to floss her teeth! :) Any time she sees a striped shirt she says 'Jo-Jo'. Every time she sees a baby she says 'wiweea' (olivia). She still remembers her pals. Once in a while we go down the whole still and ask 'where's antoinette?' and she tips her head onto her shoulder in a sleeping pose. She'll tip her head for every child we ask about. It's really sweet that those kids will forever be sleeping in her mind. she loves to help both of us with whatever we are doing. She helped me make blueberry muffins the other morning for breakfast. She loves to blow her nose which I taught her a few days ago and helps tremendously since she constantly has a runny nose! It had dried up though since we stopped the milk. But everyone is always shocked when she actually blows and knows what she's doing! We are trying to get her familiar with the toilet. We have been paying attention to her facial expressions and as soon as we see the face, we run her to the toilet and take her diaper off. She has poop twice. We have a big dance party right there and she gets to throw toilet paper in the toilet which she loves! She has a cute little game she plays with KG where he'll say 'i love you' pointing to himself then to her. She then repeats it and he says,' NO! i love you!' and then she does it. They get louder and louder until she is all giggles! She loves to blow kisses and that is usually what she does when she's ready to leave where we are. That is now our new signal that it's time to go. She is very good now at saying 'tay-too' (thank you) and peese (please) and now thinks she should get whatever she wants of she says please! She also will hide behind anything and say 'peet-a-doo'(peek-a-boo) and usually gets big laughs! She has a fish tank now with two little fish that she loves. She loves telling us all the noises animals make when we run down the list and when we get to fish, she says 'here wishy wishy wishy' (fishy fishy) in a high pitch voice while moving her fingers real quick like she is calling them. That is because of the big fish at the White Swan Hotel. KG did that the first time and all the fish swam over and opened their mouths ready for food. Now she thinks that's what fish say! Well this is long enough. I'm just good at short! :) We re all doing so well and having a blast!
Angee, KG and Flower
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Happy Family!!

Anonymous said...

looks so cute!
give her and her family my best wish!

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So interested in your story. I am grandma to 4 precious little girls from China (they all live in WA.) However we live in IDAHO...Congrats. on your precious baby