Saturday, December 09, 2006

Susan's great news

I am so excited to be the bearer of such great news: SUSAN HAS BEEN MATCHED WITH A FAMILY FROM VIRGINIA. She is going to have four older siblings whose names are Chris, Kelci, Lily and Aimee. Her mom and dad are going to be Bonnie and Andy who have adopted from China twice before as you can see from their pictures. I am happy that Susan will get this change to know what it is like to be loved by a family and a rather big one at that.

The other wonderful thing is that Bonnie is a physician and we are already working on getting Susan to the US so that she can have her second and third surgeries done in one. Laura and I will be working on it from the China side and Bonnie and Julia from the American side. Julia is an Cardiac ICU nurse (I hope I am right on that) at NY Presbyterian Hospital and she has been looking for places to get Susan surgery even before she was matched. They are looking mainly at the East coast and New York, Washington DC and Virginia are the options right now, but anything could happen. We hope to be able to give you some news soon about the trip to the US in January or early February. Maybe we should schedule her surgery on the same day as her last one...February14. Great day to get a new heart.

Susan came out of the hospital yesterday and so did Nathaniel. She has not been feeling really good. She has a lot of rattling in her chest but I am so glad she is home. There are so many people to love and take care of her here. I hope to make her strong so that we will be ready and able to travel when the time comes.

Love and laughter,
Amanda with great joy


Kim said...

That is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

yay for Susan!!! It looks like such a happy family too!

Terri said...

Tears of joy for sweet Susan.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Blessings for both the happy family and for Susan. It sounds like a match made in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

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