Thursday, November 09, 2006

Susan is with another agency

I got the news earlier that Susan's file is with another agency. I was so incredibly happy to hear that. I so want her to have a mom and a dad of her own. I have been asking a few agencies to request for her file but I did not ask this agency, so it came as a total surprise. If you would like to have a look:

There is some inaccurate information on here and I hoping that they will correct it

Love and laughter,


Anonymous said...

Susan is so cute. We have seen the agency profile. What info. is inaccurate? How is she doing now? How is her development, her heart condition? Thanks. May God Bless you as you care for and love these precious children.
From:A heart for adoption

Anonymous said...

Amanda, We our weeks away from having our dossier ready to send to China for our 2nd Chinese adoption. Is their any chance Antoinette will be back up for adoption soon?? She is beautiful, and we'd love to give her a forever family. Thought it was worth asking:)
God bless you, E

Christie B. said...

Amanda, I found your site through a link on one of my dear friend's blog. I have read it from beginning to most recent post and I am just moved by your compassion and dedication to these babies. My husband and I are LID 7mo. - just hit review (finally!) and are waiting for our daughter with not so much patience.
One of our goals is to return to China in a few years with our girls and live for a while. We want the cultural experience both for ourselves and for our daughters, and we want to give back somehow, someway for what we have received from this experience. Perhaps you take volunteers? Just something I thought about after reading your blog...

Big Hug for all you've done and are doing...wish there were more like you! These babies are precious and so clearly loved and cared for. Wow...just wonderful what you are doing.

Kelley said...

I feel so blessed to have come across your blog and am so humbled by all that you do for these beautiful children. You are an angel here on earth! I pray for you and your children every day.

catbertie said...

I just read on one of the yahoogroups that there is a line to review Susan's file!! Praise God, she'll get her family!!!

Anonymous said...

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