Monday, November 20, 2006

Olivia in the blanket

Kay with the babies.

I thought I should write a note to answer all the emails I got about Susan.

I am back at home after being the hospital for the night. Susan is making a comeback. She is getting better everyday. Her temperature is still a little high but the sepsis seems to be subsiding. They put her on some strong antibiotics. They want to take her of the respirator on Monday because her oxygen levels have increased to 80% to 60%. I hope that I explained that right. Her lungs are also sounding much better and I am so pleased. Thank you so much for all you prayers on her behalf and don't stop yet.

The others are improving but Hank is the sickest of the four. He should also be in the PICU but they do not have any beds. Olivia is winning the Miss Congeniality Awards. She smiles at anyone who comes close to her. Rachel is eating much better but because of the coughing she throws things up. I am waiting for this to pass.

Katie (Amanda) and Nina have both been sick and I was so worried about giving the Dobson's their daughter when she is not feeling well but it has turned out to be really good because Katie would let her mom hold her while she has not been feeling well and they have now become attached. Today is the first day that Katie has felt better and she now willing goes to Amy.

Tomorrow is the big gotcha day. I have to take Katie to the Hyatt at 2:30pm and then we will officially hand her over to her new family. I am so grateful for the chance we have had to spend some time together and for the opportunity that I have had to get to know the Dobsons. Katie is in good hands and I am so happy that I get to fulfil my part in her life. It has been such a great blessing to have her with me. Katie will always have a place in my heart.

Love and laughter,
Amanda whose mouth is in heaven with all the Mexican food Amy brought!!!


krothi said...

Our family sponsored Sarah's cleft surgery and we were so thrilled to have LWB confirm that she was with you. (We saw a picture on your site and thought it was her but we weren't sure.) Anyway, we'd love to have an update on all 3 of the babies who recently had their cleft surgeries in Hefei. (Not like you don't have anything else to do, I know!) We think you are amazing! Keep up the good work. We'll keep your household in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

prayers coming your way.......

Update when you can thinking of you all!