Friday, November 17, 2006

Baby Jeannie: Our number 17

Jeannie Butler and her daughter Hailey came to visit us. It was like a double dose of Christmas for the babies and I. The babies got so many new clothes. Jeannie's boxes are always filled with so many wonderful things But this is not the reason for this newsletter. I had promised Jeannie that we would go into the big O and go and pick out a baby and that she could name it. So on Saturday we went to the deliver some packages that the other adoptive parents had sent for the children they are adopting soon and then we went into the baby room and got another baby. Laura Shang was waiting for us there and after looking at the babies there we decided to take baby Jeannie.

She is only 3.2kg which is a little more than 7 pounds. On the way home she drank 4oz. I am not even sure what the problem is with her and from what I can understand, she could have brain damage from lack of oxygen during birth according to the doctor in the big O and she could also have some intestinal problem but I have not seen any indication of any of that so far. She has got an incredibly distinctive cry but she does not cry very often. She likes to suck her pointer finger on her right hand. There is some discrepancy about her age. She was found on September 1 and she does not seem to be a two months old. She holds her head up when she is lying down on her stomach. She is very aware of what is going on around her but she is really small which is so strange to see. I would guess her to be about 4 or 5 months old, similar to Sean and Rachel.

Jeannie and Hailey left on Sunday afternoon, on their way to go and get Helina Hope from an orphanage in Changsha. I saw pictures of Helina and I would think she looks really similar to Olivia. I am eager to hear from them.

Amanda (Katie's) family arrived yesterday and it. Katie has been sick and they were jet lagged. I took one of my favorite pictures of the new family. It has been so cute to see the new family and how well they are doing.

Love and laughter,
Amanda where confusion reigns about the new bottle colors for all the babies


Karyn said...

I'm eager to hear how Susan is doing. I hope things are looking better for her :)

Anonymous said...

Baby J. is so cute!!