Thursday, November 02, 2006

LWB cleft palette surgeries

The reason no one has heard from me is because I have been in Hefei with Gabriel, Michael and Sarah to have their cleft lips repaired. I have not had a chance to check my emails until today. It has been a busy and emotional experience. Love without Boundaries have had their annual medical mission here and Kay, Deborah and I came to with the babies. The whole trip has been so well organized and it is awesome to see the differences in the all the children. I do not have the words to express my gratitude to everyone who has been involved. I am so grateful to for people who can share their talents and skills with all the babies they have operated on this week, which has been more than 80.


I will send some pictures as soon as I can. Just to add a little more suspense. We will be heading home tomorrow night (Saturday).

Love and laughter with an ever grateful heart.

Love and laughter,


Anonymous said...

Hi Amnada, Kay, Laura, and everyone at the home! We cannot wait to see pics of the three who just had their surgeries. Amanda, I also want to publicly thank you for your gracious hosting during our three day stay with you when we came for Laura Joan. It wa s the best thing we could have done for Laura Joan and for ourselves and I am so thankful you suggested it and offered the space. For those of you who will find yourselves adopting from Laura Joan's brothers and sisters at Chinese Starfish, I strongly urge you to consider staying at the foster home for two - three days. Your transition with your child will benefit and you will come away a changed person.

- Cordially,

Chris Mahler

Anonymous said...


I love checking your blog for updates on the babies in your care. How exciting for the little ones who have had their repairs. I happily will await the photos.

BTW, your closing of each post is so warm and sincere.

I hope to come and meet you some day (as the Mahlers have suggested).

May you always have more than enough helpers and resources!

(from Iowa)

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting and waitin gtoo see pics! I am in such suspence!