Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Laura's family is arriving today!!!

I am sorry I have been busier than normal and I have not had the chance to fiddle with the camera, so no pictures.

I heard from Love Without Boundaries and they have a surplus of US$3,485.37 after paying Benjamin, Jade and Angel's medical bills in Hangzhou. They will be keeping the money for the next babies which will be Sean and Rachel. Thank you so much to all of you who were so generous. Having found Dr Li and Dr Tan, it is really easy for me to take these babies to them, because I have someone so reliable for operations.

Third, but not least. Laura's family is arriving later this evening to pick her up. This is going to be a new chapter in the history of Starfish Foster Home. We got permission to have ALL future adoptive families stay with us. I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that. I have been so concerned about the famous two minute hand off where I leave her and just walk away. I am so glad that we now will have all the families live with us for a time and so that there will be a overlap. My prayer concerning this has been answered.

I am off to the orphanage to go and sign our new contract. Maybe I will come home with an extra baby. I have had my eye on her for about two months. Besides we will be having Laura leave soon so we will still have 16. So no extra work.

Love and laughter,


Tammy said...

You, Laura's family and Laura are SO lucky not to have to experience the two minute hand-off; it is such a hard way to start off a new family. I very much regret that my younger daughter had to live through that particular trauma, so it makes me very happy to hear that things will be easier for Laura. Good luck and congratulations to all of you!

catbertie said...

Wow!! To say that I am very jealous, well I am!! We'll be leaving by year's end to receive our little one and I've been told by other families whose children came from this orphanage/foster care system that families are NOT welcome. We'd feel so blessed to hug those who've cared for our baby over the past few months and thank them. I think it would be easier for the foster parents as well to see the baby's new family. Since we still have a few weeks to go, I'll continue to pray that we'll be able to meet these fanatastic people.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Amanda, to sweet Laura and to her new family!!! What a wonderful event!