Sunday, October 01, 2006

Aaron is in ICU in Xian

Yesterday afternoon Kay called. She was one her way to the hospital with Aaron. He developed some breathing difficulties in the afternoon. After some blood tests, the doctors are not sure what is happening but he seems to have some acute respiratory distress. After consultation with Dr Hicks, the US pediatrician in Xian, Aaron is now in the ICU. All the babies usually have a really bad cough when they first come from the big O. After five months, Sarah has still not lost her hacking cough and Jonas still sounds the same as when he first came a year ago. Sarah sounds like she just smoked a packed of cigarettes but the cough is not nearly as frequent as it was in the beginning. She continue to sound like she is going to throw up and we all go running when she starts. The doctors are not being very optimistic about Aaron. I am not sure how sever it is but he did make it through the night and he is on good antibiotics and is getting extra oxygen. I will keep you updated as I heard some news. He has picked up 0.3kg and now weights 3kg so I hope that it helps him as he fights for his life. Please keep him in your prayers.

Love and laughter,

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