Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Benjamin's news.....

It has been an eventful day.

Angel had her cath done and her heart valve expanded and I could not believe how quickly her color changed. She is so pink when she came back!!!! She will have no scar at all. I did not realize just how blue she was until now. Laura already made arrangements to fly to Xian on Friday afternoon.

Benjamin, went in right after Angel. It was a long wait to hear the news, which only came late this afternoon. There is a pulmonary tension on these cases are usually 15 to 18 and they have a limit of 21. So guess what Benjmain's pulmonary tension is? 21. The boy did it by the skin of his teeth. So his operation will go ahead on Friday and he will get his own zipper installed. He will then be in the SICU for five days to a week. We will see what Dr Tan decides.

Jade is getting ready for her open heart surgery tomorrow. She cries every time a nurse comes near her and today that was a lot as they prepare for the surgery. All the crying has been hard to handle. She reminds me so much of Susan. She will be in SICU for three days.

The one interesting thing. We are using the same bed as I had for Susan. The stickers I put there just before Valentine's day are still there.

The newspaper journalist were here today, the three biggest newspapers in Hangzhou and I imagine tomorrow it will be the TV reporters. I hate being on TV and in the newspaper but I tolerate it because I think it is good for the babies and making people aware of the orphans. Today a reporter asked me if I like Hangzhou. I like the food a lot (more than Xian) and Dr Li is here, so I told him that. He asked me if I would like to open a foster home here too. I said they would have to kick me out of Xian first. Besides that coming to Hangzhou is easy, I will have access to everything I need. Being in Xian is decidedly more challenging and who would tackle this opportunity? I am happy to stay where I am......for now.

Love and laughter,
Amanda and the "hearty" trio.

P.S.This computer is so old Ic annot send any photos for all of you who are holding your breath.

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