Friday, September 29, 2006

Benjamin is out of surgery (a late update)

I was unable to send this earlier today because the internet was down. Here is the latest, not exactly hot off the press.

Benjamin's surgery is finished and it went better then expected. First, Dr Li did not have to use the by pass machine which he anticipated and second the pump that was to be installed in Benjamin's heart was not needed saved 10 000RMB (US$1200) on that one. I have already seen him but he is still incubated. His color is looking so much better but the blue will not go away completely. His condition is such that in about two and a half years, he will need to have another operation to completely repair his heart.

Laura and Angel are heading back to Xian this afternoon. Dr Tan told me this earlier that Jade is doing really well and she will be out of SICU on Sunday afternoon. So it you figure this all out, Jade and Benjamin is in SICU and Angel is gone so.....we are with out any babies for two days. Shopping!!!! That is what Liu Ing wants to do. Hangzhou is very famous for its garment manufacturing which makes clothes here for export and it also the head quarters of its silk industry.

So tomorrow starts the second national week long vacation for China each year. It is also National day and the patients have mostly gone home. We are still here and the SICU is still full. They have a 17 bed capacity and they have only one bed open right now.

It has been a good day for Benjamin and I am so grateful for this positive outcome. Thank you so much for all your letters of love, encouragement and offers of prayers.

Love and laughter,
Amanda (Hanging out in Hangzhou with no hangers-on)


Anonymous said...

As an adoptive parent of a 2 year old little girl with VSD (from Xianyang), I LOVE reading your posts. Like your babies, my little one was well loved, and her medical care in China was very good (I think Dr. Li may have done her surgery...?). Someday I want to come and volunteer for you, as a way to give back all I've been given! I am glad to hear that Benjamin is doing well. I am in the process of paperchasing for my next China daughter, and I am asking the CCAA for another girl with heart disease from Xi'an... so maybe we'll meet someday! - Tammy

Anonymous said...

Amanda, would you have happened to have cared for An Wen (d.o.b is 2/10/04)? She has congenital defect of the right ear (completely closed). She was in foster care from 7 months to 21 months of age. She is at Xi'an CWI and we are coming for her soon (DTC was 10/11). I would LOVE to meet you and see your babies. I just thought last night that I wondered if you would have cared for our baby... Let me know. Thanks! Love,