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Six Month Anniversary

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 7:36 AM PST

March 13, 2006

I just realized that today, six months ago my life changed in a way that I had not anticipated. Six months ago I watched as the mini van from the orphanage came and "delivered" my six babies. I stood on the steps and watch them carry each one in. My heart was so overcome with emotion and I cried most of the day.

So here we are, thousand of bottles, a truckload of dirty diapers and mountains of the laundry later. No one has been seriously harmed. A testament to endurance and a combined effort from people from all over the world. I am so surprised at what we have accomplished. The babies are doing so well. They have changed so dramatically since they first came and I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to make a difference. I, however, am a little worse for wear and will chose to sleep over almost anything including chocolate. That says a lot.

My trip to Hang Zhou for Susan's heart operation was a success in many ways. I made a lot of new friends and learned so much. Susan is continuing to improve slowly and seems to be better day by day. She has never been one for rapid progress. She still requires great patience because she will frantically scream-cry for any reason what so ever and that makes it tough because most of the time I am not sure why she is crying. She is still scared of strangers and that is hard for me because I have five other babies to take care of too. The other babies are really empathetic to her cries and often will wake up when she cries so I have put her in to a room by herself.

The first week home was a little rough. The babies got sick with diarrhea. Luckily Susan escaped unscathed and for Jonas and Nina it was not too bad, but Antoinette, Laura and Amanda did a good job of it. On their new clothes too!!! I was changing bedding once and twice night for the three of them. We had house guests for the fist time. Catherine Lamb and her two teenage daughters Trina and Tess came to stay. They complained because I did not warn them that they were going to fall in love with the babies. I am going to put a sign on the door: Seriously cute babies ahead. Proceed with caution. You cannot blame Amanda if you loose your heart.

While I was gone there were some new developments with the babies. There is a huge mat on the floor and the babies are spending a lot of time on it. Amanda, Antoinette and Laura all started sitting with the occasion fall. They are moving around on their tummies and Nina can now go from her back, to her front and sit by herself. She is on all fours but has not quiet figured out the crawl thing. I am sure that it is just a matter of time. Jonas got a fifth tooth and gets frustrated because he can only roll over and cannot get into a sitting position like Nina. He is drooling up a storm and we have to double bib him to keep him dry. Laura is has learned how to sit which was a major accomplishment for her. She loved to stand and arched her back so much that she could not sit. Antoinette picked up so much weight while I was gone. She is the youngest and wears the same size diapers as Nina and Jonas. She has some of the cutest fat rolls. Amanda is still our quiet baby. She has become so much more responsive and smiles really easily for anyone. Both Amanda and Antoinette started on solids this week.

We have also received word that we will now receive two donations every month which will cover the expenses down to the last penny if I am careful. I am so grateful. I was beginning to seriously worry about what we were going to do for cash.

Here is also another wonderful story: Nina's bill arrived for her surgery in December 2005. The amount: US$2400. I was with Susan at the time and knew that I did not have the money to pay. Within two days I got some surprise donations. The money was sent from the US. The amount: US$2460.

Love and laughter,

Here is a link to more photos of the babies!
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