Friday, April 20, 2012

Update on Amanda after surgery 4/20/12

Amanda went into the hospital early Wednesday morning to have her "big" surgery.  The plan was to remove her uterus and the tumor inside of it.  This would allow the doctors to perform pathologic testing to confirm the diagnosis made in China.  She also had a second area of cancer (the squamous cell one) that was to be removed.  Both of these surgeries occurred and Amanda came through with flying colors. She was up and walking the next day!  BUT (how I hate buts!), the doctor found that her cancer was much more extensive than anticipated based on her recent CT scans.  It has eroded through her uterine wall and is on top of her bladder.  He took as much of the cancer as he could out, but there will still be microscopic disease left.

Based on these findings, her oncologist decided to rescan her chest, abdomen and pelvis.  We (4 of Amanda's friends and support network here) met with the oncologist today and learned that the cancer is back in her lungs.  She has TWO types of cancer.  The squamous cell one (which is now gone), and the uterine cancer which is likely what is in her lungs.  We will not have final pathology for another 10 days or so while all of the tests are performed.

This means that Amanda is looking initially at beginning chemotherapy again soon.  There might be a clinical trial for her cancer based on pathology test results.  The doctors are looking at some of the most current modes of treatment to try to target Amanda's cancer cells.  She wants to remain in Nashville for treatment.

This was not the news we wanted to hear today, but Amanda has kept her spirits and is ready to fight.  She covets your prayers, and will need them now more than ever.  She is making all of her medical choices, and looks so good after surgery.  She went home today with a plan to REST and RECOVER for the next week or so.

Please continue to pray fervently for Amanda, and know that she loves your Facebook posts and emails.  She reads them but may not be able to respond to them all...please keep sending.

We will update as more information is known.




Rachel Mcgee said...

We're praying for you Amanda!!

Aunt Claudia said...

We keep the prayers going always! While that is, indeed, not the news we were hoping to hear, thankful for the ability to diagnose and address the cancers.