Sunday, March 04, 2012

Leaving for Nashville

On behalf of Amanda, I wanted to update on a few details about her plans.

She is leaving Xi'an, China on Tuesday, March 6 and will arrive in Nashville, Tennessee also on March 6. The Starfish Board has made detailed plans for Amanda and she will have a trained medical escort to accompany her on her flight.  The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center has generously offered to treat Amanda pro bono, and is eagerly awaiting her arrival.  She will meet with her physician on Wednesday to get her next treatment plans in place.

Amanda will stay with friends initially and will move into a donated furnished apartment when ready.  Many of you have contacted her about visiting, and she definitely wants to see you.  BUT, Amanda will need to focus on her treatment first, so please wait a few weeks before coming.  We will try to set up specific times for her so she can best enjoy your visits when she is feeling well.

Amanda will have full access to phones, computers, Facebook, and all once she gets here.  For now, please  contact her via her Facebook page, her email at OR at the initial address where she will stay:

9481 Foothills Drive
Brentwood, TN  37027

OR my email:

I am happy to send my home number to you via email if you contact me.  Amanda will have her own phone and I can pass that number along as well via email. Please know that Amanda will return her email messages and Facebook posts as soon as she can, but that her upcoming trip, jet late, and continuing chemotherapy treatment will slow this down.  Your prayers, thoughts, cards, well wishes, and love are so appreciated, needed, and treasured by Amanda!


Eve Boger

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