Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Cameron, Adoption #60

Dear Amanda and Starfish Family,

This week Cameron has been home with his forever family for four months so we thought it would be a good time to fill you in on everything that your miracle baby has been up to.  Cameron seems to have been destined to become a Murray.  From his love of Cheerios and M&Ms to his silly sense of humor, Cameron certainly fits in well. 

As you may recall, Cameron was adopted in Xi’an on his daddy’s birthday.  Never in a million years did Geoff ever think he would be getting a son as a gift one day!  Today was Cameron’s baptism, as well as his mama’s birthday.  It seems God is constantly weaving our lives together to create a very special bond!

Cameron had a very busy summer!  In between 21 doctor visits, several X-rays, multiple blood tests, an MRI, 5 surgical procedures, and a hospital stay, Cameron managed to have a blast at the beach, master every piece of equipment on every playground in a 50 mile radius of our house, and introduce his sisters to the wonderful world of cars and trains, which we all call “murr murrs” because that is the sound Cameron makes when he plays with his cars.

Cameron has experienced all that a family is and then some in the past 4 months.  A few weeks ago, we had a Red Egg and Ginger party in his honor to meet his family- aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  Cameron was also the ring bearer in his grandmother’s wedding. He loved Trick or Treating at the zoo and was Peter Pan at his cousin’s princess party. These events required a 14 hour road trip to Ohio, which he handled surprisingly well.  Thank goodness because we travel there a lot!

In many ways, Cameron is the same little guy that you knew and loved so well.  He loves celebrating birthdays (especially eating the cake!) and is proud to own his own bike and ride-on construction truck toy.  The NASCAR racer who used to circle the courtyards at Starfish is now riding his way through Massachusetts state parks and our driveway.  This kid LOVES, and I mean LOVES, new clothes and shoes.  I am envisioning a teenager closet filled with sneakers of every shape and color!  Cameron’s compassion for others is tangible.  He often hugs a sister who is crying or has fallen down and seems to gravitate towards the most needy whenever he is at the hospital or out and about in the community with me.  Cameron loves to be a helper and enjoys fixing things and doing projects as a family.  Cameron is a blessing to know and love, and we are in awe that God has placed him in our family.

Much love to you!
Christy, Geoff, Gretchen, Madelyn and Cameron Murray

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