Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update on ANGUS, Our Canadian/Scottish/Chinese Boy

Angus (Anthony at Starfish) is doing well.  He continues to sleep well, eating is sometimes a challenge.  He is quite distractable and if he is overtired it is even harder.  He is presently waiting for me to get off of the computer and doing his best to find something to get into.  Actually he just found some rubber boots to put on.  (It is not raining today !!).   I think he will toilet train quite quickly as he always likes to come and tell me when his diaper is dirty but then denies that it needs to be changed.  

He will start in daycare next week (3 days next week and then 5 days after that).  I only work 3 days so the other 2 days he will not be in daycare for very long.  I would not put him in at all, except the day care workers want full time and it has been recommended that full time daycare would be better for him so that he knows what he is doing every day.  

We have a 1 1/2 year old German Sheppard that Angus tolerates.  He is at just the right face level to get a full face washing from our dog.  Angus says "Kiara no!!!" 

The first picture is Angus having a bath and big brother Aidan (dressed up as a duck) helping out.  Angus likes to blow bubbles but does not like having his hair washed.

Picture# 2 Aidan, Ian and Angus in my parents pool.  As a note that pool was put in the ground when I was 5 years old.  After 40 years and 3 or 4 liners it is still going strong.  Angus I guess will be the last grandchild to hon his swimming skills in this pool.

Picture # 3 is Angus with my sunglasses on.

Picture # 4 is Angus playing in his very own 8x8 foot sandbox.  This sandbox was made by Ian and Aidan in 2009.  Ian still doesn't think that it is big enough.  Personally, when the kids are down with the sandbox, I envision a hot tub taking its place.

Picture # 5 Angus with Grandpa having a ride on the riding lawnmower.  This is an activity that all of the Grandchildren have enjoyed over the years, the oldest of which is 22.

Hope this is helpful to you, I am not the most savvy computer user in the world.  If there is something else I can do to make it easier for you to do what you want to do with the pictures please let me know.  As for Angus and daycare, he has had some contact with his daycare provider throughout the summer already because she takes her gang to park in our neighbourhood most every morning if the weather allows.  She is not the only daycare provider that goes to this park.  Another lady takes her daycare kids also.  In fact her daughters have been babysitting our older son for a year now.  Angus was babysat once with Aidan by our regular sitter and all went well until bed time.  Apparently, Angus cried alot and only went to sleep about  30 minutes or so before we got home.  


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