Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will (Nathaniel): 5th Birthday

Dear Amanda and everyone at Star Fish ~

It’s hard to believe that Will has just turned five and will be starting Kindergarten this year!  He is very excited.  I think he’ll do very well.  He is always so curious about everything and always asking a million questions. 

Will has been busy this summer riding his bike, dirt bike, swimming and having play dates with his friends from school.  We took a family trip to Florida, which was a lot of fun.  Will got to race go-karts and go deep sea fishing.  We all had a great time.

Will has made such great progress in his speech.  He will continue to see the Speech Pathologist this year at school.  He will see his Cranial Facial team again this October.  The next steps will be for the dentist to prepare his mouth for the hard palate surgery and plastic surgery on his nose and lip, but that is still a few year away. 

We love hearing about all the great things happening at Star Fish, and hope to some day bring Will back for a visit.


The McMahans

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