Monday, July 18, 2011

Megan (Jasmine's) Vacation

Hi Amanda,
I hope all is well with you and Starfish. We are all doing great. The end of June we spent a week in Orlando, FL with our friends the Pellmanns. We went to Disney for a couple of days and had lunch with the Princesses. The Princess lunch and seeing the beach/ocean for the first time were both the favorite part of our vacation according to Megan and Carly. We were walking along the beach and found a Starfish. I told Ken to pick it so we could keep it for Megan but when he did, it moved. That was so amazing - - we walked it back to the ocean and set it free. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

It’s been really hot here around 100 for a week so we enjoy swimming in our pool. Both of the girls took swimming lessons for almost a year and are doing well. They love going down the slide and landing in the water. We went to a carnival over the weekend and won a goldfish so now they each have an aquarium in their room. Our total pets now are 2 dogs and 3 fish.
About a month ago the Xian reunion/Pink Castle was held in St Louis. I know when I mentioned it to you that you weren’t going to be in the US. We went one night with the group to a Chinese Restaurant and back to a hotel. ‘Aunt Sandy’ from the Pink Castle had a slide show of various kids from the Pink Castle. There were 50 people in attendance all with kids from Xian. The girls had a blast. Hopefully next time you’re in the country, we’ll be able to catch up with you for a real Megan reunion.
Take care, Ken, Leslie, Carly & Megan

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