Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Update on Norah, Adoption 16 The Netherlands

Dear Amanda,

Here's some new photos. Can you believe it's been more then 2 and a half years since we got Norah (called Rachel at Starfish) ? Time sure flies!!!

She's an amazing girl, we are so privileged to be her parents!!!!

Norah enjoys school. She's still good at jigsaw puzzles and loves doing those. She knows all the letters of the alphabet and can count to hundred.
I've included some of her artwork; thought you might enjoy that.  This year she learned to ride a bike without side wheels and she is just now learning to roller skate.

She loves her big brother, but they fight a lot too. This girl knows what she wants and she will not let him be bossy!!! LOL

I included some photos from our visit to the circus too. She loved it and even got to sit on a horse and ride two rounds. She was so proud of herself!

We can't wait to see you and everybody at Starfish this summer, especially Xiao Liu. (her nanny while she was at Starfish)

See you soon!


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PaPa Gordon said...

I LOVE these pics of Norah. When I came to the "shampoo" picture with her hair straight up, I laughed out loud.
Thank You For Sharing Them
May God Bless Y'all and Always Watch Over You
PaPa Gordon