Monday, February 14, 2011

A Poem Dedicated to Amanda and her loving "help" on Valentine's Day

I’m a starfish in the sea
Of all human beings
Someone reached out and saved me
Now I’m a blessed with a family
It’s just as it should be at age four
I can learn, I can grow, and so much more
I can truly soar!
I can be anything because someone chose ME

I am thankful for the light
That someone lovingly gave to me
To let MY soul shine bright
Because someone chose to save ME
I have the gift of life

My story is lovely but I want people to see
There are MANY more starfish babies like me
In the Chinese Starfish Home of Life
The children are worthy of any fight
To keep them alive in that amazing space
It truly is a spiritual place

When I look back what do I see?
There are others waiting for a chance like me
Waiting for treatment and a family
They want to be found worthy
Of your love and care
They simply need YOU there

They want to live, learn, and grow,
And show the world what I already know
They are each God’s children
He loves each and every one

Please, if you can, let your light shine
Save these precious friends of mine
Please I ask YOU to light the way
And save a precious life today
I’m a starfish, I’m here today
Because someone chose to lead the way

Dedicated to Amanda and her loving help at the Starfish Home.  
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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