Friday, November 05, 2010

Adoption 36: Zoey (Virginia) in West Virginia

Dear Amanda,

       Wow I can't believe we have been home with Zoey (Virginia) almost 3 months. There are no words to describe the joy she has brought our family. She loves life!!!  Her personailty and how well she has done since she has been home is a true reflection of the awesome job that you all do at Starfish!!!
       She has two brothers Duran 18 and Shane 13. She had this amazing sense from the beginning that they were her brothers. She is learning what American Football is all about, Shane plays and she has been to several games this fall. She traveled with us to move Duran into his college dorm the end of August. She walked into the dormitory like she was the one going to college, it was so cute.
         A few things we have learnt about Zoey, she LOVES to dance and has a natural ability, I had a lady in town ask me the other day if she went to dance lessons. (I thought this was very funny, at 2 years old.) She likes to WATCH dogs, notice I said watch, she doesn't like them to get too close. She might eat something today like she really likes it and tomorrow she may not like it at all. And yes she does love chocolate, just like I was told. She never gets tired of playing hide and seek with Shane. He hides she finds. She loves to imitate people. She laughs alot and always has a smile. Our babysitter (which is my niece) says she is the perfect little girl to watch, she is so good. I know I sound like a doting Mother and I am, but she is perfect for us in everyway.
         She went to her cardiologist appointment a few weeks ago and got a really good report. Everything looks great!!! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!! We will forever be grateful. Her pediatrician told me that she was a very confident little girl and a very happy one. She said that she acted very different from what she was use to seeing in a similar situation. And of course I told her why. About this awesome place in China called Starfish!!!
       Zoey and I had the privilege of having Page Lewis come to our house last week. She is one of the wonderful volunteers who puts together the Starfish Scrapbooks for the babies. Page only lives about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from us. I am attaching a picture of the two together. We have also been in contact with Steve and Elva Orton. They plan to visit us sometime. We can't wait to meet them and be able to personally thank them for sponsoring Zoey's heart surgery. We have been so blessed by so many people. 
       I truly wish we could be there to help with the new Starfish house. It will be an awesome place, but I am convinced that even more than that you have been blessed with awesome nannies. We didn't get to meet you while we were in China but we hope to one day when you come to the states. We wish we could put into words Amanda the difference that you are making in these childrens lives. I tell anyone who will listen about Starfish.....Zoey is the light of our life and we can not imagine life without her. I better go for now. 

Best Wishes and Lots of Love, 

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