Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adoption 17: Rebecca, Our Beauty in Kentucky

Hi Amanda -
I meant to send you an update on Rebecca back in September when we celebrated her birthday, but time just has a way of getting away from me it seems.
It's hard to believe that in a few months we will be celebrating being home with Rebecca for two years now.  Goodness the time has flown!
As far as Miss Rebecca, she is doing amazingly well Amanda - she is such a sweetie pie, but I know I've told you that many times.  She turned 5 in September and we celebrated with a pool party again this year.  She loves the water!!!  Maybe it's the 'Starfish' in her :-)  She was very, very excited about turning 5. 
We decided to keep her in preschool one more year even though she was technically old enough to start school.  It was really hard on her not getting to ride the bus with her sister but we both think it's best for her in the long run.  Thankfully she is doing really well in preschool and by being one of the older ones now it has put her in the position of being a good example and helper at the same time.  This should help tremendously when she does start school.  She's such a little caretaker and loves her little friends.  She still likes to wrap all of her baby dolls up in blankets too and the other day she and Emma were pretending they were taking all of the babies to get their 'hearts fixed' and to get hair cuts.  I thought I was going to cry watching them, it was so sweet.  Can't imagine where they got the idea of getting the babies hearts fixed :-)
Her favorite things are her babies, horses, singing and her brother & sister.  I've attached some pictures from the past few months, it really tickles me how they hug and love on one another.  She says she wants to live on a 'fahhmm' when she grows up but yet she tells me it stinks when we are around a barn.  Silly girl!  We're going to Oklahoma to visit family soon so hopefully she will get her fill of horses and 'fahhmms'! 
As I've told you before many times, she is such a loving and giving little soul.  Of course she can be pesky with her sister at times too, but most times she is more than willing to give in to Emma anything she wants.  The kids were playing last night and somewhere along the way they started racing one another.  Emma was winning every time and so her brother held her back so that Rebecca would win which of course made little miss britches mad and she stomped her foot.  Rebecca went over and patted her on the back and said "It's okay Emma.  You can win if you want to".  Blessed are the peace keepers ...
She also likes to love on me by patting me on the back or rubbing my arm and kissing me.  She lays her little head on my shoulder and says "I love you so much".  You had told me so many times that Rebecca loves passionately and I'll have to say that I agree with you totally.  When she gives her heart, she gives her all.
Again, many many thanks for all the love and care you give the babies - it's so evident that the love that was given to her was tucked snuggly in her little heart.
Blessings to you & yours,

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