Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Adoption 37: Lucas/Bai Lang to Holland

It is not often I walk out with just one baby from the orphanage.  One August 13th I did, and Lucas came home with me.  Lucas had a horrible skin condition and bladder extrophy which means that the bladder is exposed and there is a hole under the belly button.  I knew some doctors that could do the surgery and a few days Lucas was at the hospital.  When he went he was somewhat thin and when he came back Hong Li had fattened him up a quiet a bit.  We hardly recognised him.  At that time Hong Li had called him Bai Lang, his Chinese name and it stuck.  We very seldom called him Lucas again after that.  It was strange and when he was adopted I understood why.  His parents chose the name Bai Lang for him.  So after the adoption there was no new name to get used to.
During the same that Bai Lang was with his we constantly battled with his skin.  At one time Bai Lang had a heart shape spot on his face.  We smiled about that a lot. If you look carefully you can see the heart right under his right eye in the picture where he is wearing red pajamas and hugging Hong Li.  Bai Lang was always a boy and you could see that in the way he played. When he started walking he demolished things like a bulldozer. Since he was adopted none of the babies knock at my door much anymore.  If there was one way to judge how much he thought of me then you had to count the amount of times that he came to my bedroom/office.  He was in my room more than ten times a day towards the end.  He sometimes would ask for chocolates and most of the time he would tell me what happened.  He had very good Chinese for a three and a half years old.  He was also very compassionate with the other kids and would often help when some one was crying.  He loved giving hugs and kisses.  Hosea, Callum and Bai Lang were as fast friends and often hung out together. Hosea and Bai Lang got adopted close togther and we are now waiting for Callum's family to come and get him.
On the other side of the world a mom and a dad waited for five years for him.  I find it so sad that they could have been together so much sooner.  We were sent a picture album and in it I could see some names and I knew that Bai Lang would go to Holland.  Our fourth baby in the Netherlands!  In the pictures it looked like Bai Lang's father had something to do with trucking and Bai Lang was so exited with all the trucks and cars.

It was sad to see him go but I was so happy with his parents and the obvious love they already had for him.  We received the adoption notice this last week from the Netherlands and they included some pictures from Starfish.  I hope that the family will write some updates from time to time.

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