Thursday, July 08, 2010



I just got back from New York and on the same day Tineke flew in from Amsterdam.  She brought with her a child's sized wheelchair for Jack, that had been donated to Care4Tina, the Dutch Foundation that she and Elise manage.  I was so amazed at Jack.  Within a few minutes he was wheeling himself forward and then he figured out how to go backwards and by the afternoon he was spinning in circles.  The other kids, well mostly Lucas, were fighting with him to get into the chair after the nannies took Jack out for lunch. Jack screamed until Lucas got out, and he has taken full ownership of his chair.  This morning everyone wanted to have a go in the wheelchair.  I was overcome by emotion at Jack's exuberance at being able to move on his own. What a truly wonderful gift!  My most sincere thanks to every one involved.

Life, love and laughter,  

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Jet said...

Look at that happy face!!!!! I'm so happy for you Jack; enjoy your new found freedom to move around!!!!

Heather BT said...

What Joy For Jack!