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Adoption 28 Tim: Denmark

As I have mentioned before I was sure that Tim and Bryan were going to Europe because there was no information at all.  No even a rumor.

The surprise on May 4th was the country:  Denmark.  Our first baby to go to Denmark.  The cute thing was when the nine cleft babies first arrived there was a Danish volunteer that came almost everyday to help.  I like the idea that we honored Marianne for all her heard work.  Tim whose named was changed to Kristian is his parents first child. They wanted to pronounce his name so the an would be said like the an for Xi'an.   If I remember correctly, they said they had been waiting for 3 and a half years.  They did not have any information and were so surprised to see that he was so big.  They had a picture when he was seven months old and weighed 7 kg.  I was surprised to read that because when he came to Starfish he was only 5 kg at 10 months.  He was so small but the great thing is he could drink milk well in spite of his double cleft.  He figured out how to chew on the nipple and that would squirt milk into his mouth.

Tim with chicken pox

Tim and Marianne

Tim and the biggest snot bubble EVER

He soon got the hang of drinking so much milk and started to pick up tons of weight. In no time he was hitting one developmental stage after another.  I think the cutest thing to see was how he and Bryan could make each other laugh.  They slept in the same crib until they grew too big.  I think when the families do not come to Starfish not only do the miss out seeing the relationship with the nannies but they also miss out on the friendships their children have with the other kids. The two boys also played so well with Antonia.

We struggled to get Tim's cleft repaired and often we would be ready to go for surgery and then something would happen and we would need                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         to postpone it.  In November 2009, Dr Lisa Buckmiller was able to repair the double cleft.  Tim had a really hard time healing, but he looked so much better after wards.

I am so glad that the three older ones were adopted so close to each other because they would have missed each other I am sure. He is already back in Denmark with his family and he looks happy and is adjusting well to his new environment.
Life, love and laughter,

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