Friday, February 26, 2010

Norma Xi'an One Year Update

Dear Amanda,

I have so many great pictures of Norma that I don't know where to begin to edit what I am sending you... But I tried to capture our amazing year in the photos that are attached.

It takes my breath away when I think that it has already been one year since we adopted Norma Xi'an. From the very first time we laid eyes on her, we knew that she was our daughter. It has been an incredible year in so many ways. So many "firsts." But the biggest thing that I realize is how much Norma Xi'an has taught Pat and me. Here is this Guru of ours and she is only 30 months old!

Norma is a major trooper. She is determined and focused and that has shown through in all the work she has done to walk and to talk. Norma uses a walker until she is able to gain better balance which will come with time... And she is so verbal, especially when it comes time for ice cream and cookies! She is learning her A, B, C's, and counts all by herself to 10. She loves to swim with Pat and also is a great companion on the bike.

Norma is a complete joy to be around -- Anyone who ever meets Norma is totally taken with her. Her personality is just so engaging and she is very funny. She is very affectionate and will offer a kiss to just about anyone! She has a great sense of self and really knows how to work a crowd. We often laugh that we are going to put her on the Borscht Belt entertainment circuit. Everyday we feel so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives as our daughter. She completes us.

Most of our friends have children that are older and when they invite us over they insist that we bring Norma! I think that they would rather spend time with her -- we are just the chaperons. On any given visit, she will point to our hosts and command them to "Sing." And the darnedest thing is having these middle-aged adults belt off key "The wheels on the bus go round and round." or "Old MacDonald had a farm."

She touches so many people's lives around us and has made a difference to so many. One of our friends who lost his spouse not too long ago told us that she gives him a reason to live again. Her spirit, her smile, and the laughter she evokes are truly special.

 Cindy and Pat

Life, Love and Laughter,

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Carolin said...

Ah, how wonderful to read about little Norma and see the beautiful pictures!!! What a blessing she is!