Friday, January 08, 2010

Lily at Christmas

Hi Amanda

I thought I would write you and share some pictures of Lily and Rose at Christmas. I am sending along a picture of Rose and Lily in their Christmas dresses - what cute girls I have!! I found matching dresses for them and oh, how beautiful they looked. They love to match - I wonder how long that will last!!

Rose and Lily were also asked to play Angels in a play at Church - the play is the Christmas miracle of the birth of Jesus and both girls were so sweet. What cute Angels they were!! They received a big "AHH" when they walked into the church to take their part in the play!!

Rose woke up VERY early Christmas morning (5 AM) but Lily wanted to sleep!! She was ready to get up at 6:30 and we all came downstairs to open presents. The first thing Lily said when she looked under the Christmas tree and saw all the presents was "Too Much!!" It did not take her long to get into tearing open presents - she was so funny - she sang as she opened her gifts. Santa's reindeer made quite a mess on our porch - we fed them carrots and apples. Lily was quite disgusted at the mess and looked at me and said "We need to clean that up Mamma!!"

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Lily!! My niece became engaged on Christmas day and the first call she made was to Rose and Lily - she wants them as flower girls in her wedding - with names like Rose and Lily, I think she made a good choice.

Love to all!!


Life, Love and Laughter,


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