Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update on Will (Nathaniel)

Will is doing really great! We went to Hilton Head, South Carolina in July where Will spent lots of time playing in the ocean and on the sand. Will is such a little fish. He loves swimming so much! He made the lifeguards at our swim club very nervous all summer because he just wants to continually be under the water….he just seems so little to be doing that already.

Also in July, we discovered through a sleep study, that Will had Sleep Apnea. So in August he had his tonsils and part of his adenoids removed. He had a rough two weeks of recovery, but then started sleeping through the night, peacefully. On August 4 we celebrated Will’s 3rd Birthday. Will was so excited to have so many of his family and friends to celebrate with.

Will is now 36 ½ “tall and weighs 30lbs. He is in the 20th percentile on the height and weight charts. He started Preschool in September and is getting Speech Therapy once a week at school and every other week at our local children’s hospital. He is talking so much! And is still so affectionate and silly!

Love from the McMahan’s

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