Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lily's 3rd Birthday

Lily recently celebrated her THIRD birthday! Here is a note from her Mom.

Hi Amanda:

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Lily's birthday. We took her to Chuck E. Cheese with her friends and family - doesn't she love to party!!! We then took her to the Wiggles concert and met the Wiggles before the show began. She was not scared of them at all and we could not make her turn around long enough to take a picture!!
I chatted with Murray a bit about Starfish Foster Home and gave him some info. He then made me stop, said "Hey guys, listen to this!" I then told all the Wiggles about your place and the amazing work that you do. They were ALL so interested!! I handed them pictures of the babies and how each and every one of them is a Wiggles fan and what a happy place it is to see them so happy as they dance and sing to the Wiggles. They were very interested in you and the amount of babies that you care for!
Anthony ended up taking ALL the pictures of the babies with him!!! I have to say that Murray is my favorite!! He greeted Lily and Rose by name, told all the members that Lily had a birthday soon and then went around to each child after (by name) and said goodbye and enjoy the show!! Lily was so cute and said "It was nice to meet you" He chuckled.
I asked her what she liked about her day and she said Chuck E. Cheese. She laid down during the Wiggles concert and wanted to take a nap!! Rose had a blast celebrating her sister and wrote her the cutest note!! She told her she was "the best sister in the world and that she was the happiest little girl she had ever seen and how much she loved her" - brought tears to my eyes.

Take care,

Life, Love and Laughter,


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Being an Aussie myself (living in Florida) and seeing The Wiggles take such an interest in the 'Starfish' home is so heartwarming and amazing... and she got to meet them... I would love to meet them myself... I once took my niece to the concert and what a blast I had... I think I had more fun then my niece did... this is just awesome...

Jessica said...

I'm so glad Donna told them about Starfish Foster Home and that they were so interested. You never know what can happen by telling people.
Rose's note was so sweet :-)