Thursday, September 03, 2009

Megan's Family Pictures

Megan (Jasmine) was adopted a year and three months ago. It is amazing to think of it because to me it feels like yesterday. I was so grateful that Leslie brought Megan and her sister, Carly to Nashville and I just watched in wonder how she was playing in the pool and jumping around. Megan was one of the three flowers that had spina bifida surgery by Dr Jorge Lazareff and his team that were in Shanghai in 2007. I remember a doctor telling me that spina bifida is like a car accident which I thought a great way to explain it. Some of them can be fender benders and others head on collisions. Megan was just a little fender bender and watching her go I thought that there was no way that anyone could have guessed she had spina bifida. She has a really compact body and has always been very athletic. I can honestly see her doing gymnastics one day. SB can strike so much fear into people's hearts because it seems like only the severe cases are ever talked about. Back to the letter from Leslie:

We have had a busy month. We went to Branson for a week of vacation before Carly started Kindergarten. Our hotel had an indoor & outdoor water park which both kids loved. We went to Silver Dollar City amusement park, played miniature golf and took in a Chinese Acrobat show. Both of them loved the show - - Megan sat on my lap and would say did you see that Momma? She clapped at the end of each event and when they were playing the drums, Megan beat her arms in the air just like she was playing the drums too! You should have seen her playing miniature golf, she tried using the kid's putter a couple of times but then decided kicking it was the best way. She just kept walking down the greens kicking the ball until it went in the hole.

Carly started kindergarten and the 1st day she got on the bus, Megan had a fit because she wanted to go too. She is still doing pretty good at potty training. Hopefully this fourth attempt will be the last. We went to a bridal shower today. Carly & Megan are going to be flower girls in Ken's niece's wedding in October. Well I'll talk to you soon.

Take care,
Leslie, Ken, Carly & Megan

Life, Love and Laughter,

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