Friday, August 14, 2009

A Conversation with Rose

Rose has been by far the most eloquent of the children I have had. She speaks mostly Chinese and the nannies tell me her Chinese is really good for her age and that she speaks without an accent. She is almost three years old and she already speaks in complete sentences. She loves eating fruit and is learning you to eat with Chopsticks which she loves to do. She is potty training at the moment as is doing really well.
Today she came into my room/office and saw a picture of some adults. She asked me if it was a family with a mom, dad and an older sister. I had not even answered yet, when she said that she wanted a dad, a mom and an older sister just like Sean. So I asked her if she had a mom and dad with a sister and in this small little voice she said: Meiyou (not have). I was so surprised that she knew that she did not have a mom and a dad.
We have been having a a few minor problems with Rose. Since Sean left she has had a hard time going to bed and has cried a lot. She is also not eating well and often She wakes up during the night and comes to the living room to sleep on the sofa. I found out later in the day, that Rose saw a picture of Emily's family and that Emily is going to have a mom and a dad with an older sister just like Sean and Lily. She told the nannies that it was not Emily's family but her family. It made my heart so sad. How many children in orphanages know that they do not have any parents just like Rose and how many of them long for a family just like Rose? We can do so much but ultimately nothing compares to having your own mom and dad and big sister.
It has taken a long time to get Rose's papers to the CCAA. I was told that her papers are at the CCAA and that hopefully she will be matched with a family soon. I pray that is true. I hope that she will get the dad, mom and big sister she so desperately wants and in the meantime we can protect her little heart and keep her from longing for a family too much.

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Holly said...

I copied this and linked to your blog today...added my own two cents on my blog for what it's worth.
My heart is so heavy. I must trust the Father will provide Rose with the desire of her heart.

John & Michelle said...

Praying for Rose in Cookeville, TN! I am praying for her and for her family to be! I hope she get that sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose sounds like such a sweetheart. She's such a beautiful girl! I hope she gets her family very soon!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh... poor darlin'... I do know that in time her family will come along... I know how she feels (somewhat) as we still wait for our daughter... it has been nearly 41 months now... though we have a LID of April 5th '06 we are nearly there... so, like us... when the time is right... her family will arrive...
I saw Sue the other day and she was telling me about her time at Starfish and that it was hard to leave... take care

Jill said...

How heartbreaking........
I hope and pray Rose finds her forever family soon!
Hugs, Jill

Anonymous said...

i wish she can come live with my family and I then she will get three older sisters