Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big THANK YOU to Matilda Hospital

When we got Alice out of the orphanage in October 2008, she was really scary looking. Her foot was near her face and it looked painful. It seemed that her knee was on the other side of her leg and it was not working in a normal way. I had no idea what was wrong with her but brought her home anyway. After some X rays, we found out that both her hip and knee were dislocated.

We were so happy to find some help for Alice in Hong Kong at the Matilda Hospital. Dr. Hans, the medical director, offered the hospital's resources and then they waited patiently for us as we tried to get the passport and other paperwork ready, which took a long time. Finally, in June everything was ready and Mickey and Alice traveled to Hong Kong on the 14th where Dr. Li did her surgery. Alice was in a body cast for almost 9 weeks.

We were all ready for her to get the cast off and on August 16th Mickey, Alice and a volunteer Olivia went to Hong Kong. Alice's leg was very tender and you could not move it much. She is currently wearing a kind of brace that supports her hip and her leg and will use it for another 6 weeks. While Mickey and Alice were in Hong Kong, they went to Disneyland with Alice and when they got back they were raving about how much fun it was. So Alice is our first baby that went to visit the Mouse while still at the 'Fish.

We want to thank all the staff from Matilda Hospital so much for being so kind to our Alice and for helping to change her life forever and in particular Dr. Li for his great work. The scar looks wonderful and I am sure that it is going to fade so it will be hard to see. We appreciate their kindness so much. Our thanks also to Katie and her family who were so kind to have Alice stay at their home . Thank you to Mickey and Olivia who love Alice so much and were willing to take her so far in order to have this surgery. It really comes down to a lot of people, who work together to help a baby have hope for the future.

We gave Alice's adoption dossier in to the orphanage and and will now wait to do the adoption medical. She is on her way to finding a family....We are now waiting for Alice's leg to grow strong so she can walk.

Life, Love and Laughter,

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