Thursday, June 25, 2009

Norma Xi'an (Erica) Living the Good Life in New Jersey

Erica was adopted in January of this year. Cindy takes a lot of photos so I get to see how she is doing. It has been great watching the effect the three of them have had on one another. I know where many of the babies start out and I know just how vulnerable they are and how medically fragile they can be. To see just where they land up and what happens to them is such a testament to me what can happen when we all stand together and bless a child. As the Talmud says: HE WHO SAVES A LIFE, SAVES THE WORLD ENTIRE. I feel so honored to have watched the miracle of Norma and all the other babies we have here at Starfish. I will be in the US to help celebrate her birthday and then a few days later, the birth of the US. How fun is that!!!

One half year has already passed since we brought Norma Xi'an back to the U.S. I haven't been in touch with some of you but since you all have been so supportive of Pat and me, I thought you'd appreciate some recent pictures of her and a quick update.

Norma is very outgoing and loves to kiss strangers in the grocery store -- it could be a problem in about 12 years. She knows how to play an audience and has expressed a desire to become a Borscht Belt entertainer. She loves to laugh and is rarely in a bad mood. She doesn't like to sleep and goes to bed at around 11pm -- often times outlasting Pat and me. She has punted naps. As you will see from the picture of her on the potty brushing her teeth, she is a major multi-tasker which will serve her well in her adult life. She loves the water and is currently taking swim lessons. She carries around her own camel back bottle complete with ice water (where'd she get that weird habit?, I don't know). She shares her father's passion for ice cream and it has been the driver in her learning how to use a spoon...and, not surprising -- She has absolutely everyone over the age of 18 wrapped around her finger.

One very cool thing... Amanda de Lange, the tour de force behind Starfish and the woman who literally saved Norma's life is coming to stay with us in July while she is in the U.S. This will be the first time that Amanda has seen Norma post adoption... we are very very excited to have her visit.

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