Monday, May 18, 2009


I usually sign off with the Life, Love and Laughter because I think it encompasses so much of what we do at Starfish. I am not sure if I would survive it there were no great moments of laughter in this house. Here are some recent funny stories:

I asked Mickey to make a chart so that we could track how pictures we were taking of the 46 babies. Well, she came and told me we did not have 46 babies, we had 45. OOOPPPPSSS What does one mouth matter in all of this?
Jack is talking and yesterday it sounded like he called me by name. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I looked back at him and he was just smiling at me. The older toddlers always call me by name and I think he followed what they were doing. He has got such a cute personality!! He is shaking his hands and clapping now.
Thomas made is safely back to Starfish after his surgery in Hangzhou and is looking so pink. It is wonderful to see. The funny thing is they sent his heart medication home in a VIAGRA box. I laughed so hard. My question is this: He was at a children's hospital, how did that happen?
Rose has been fascinated with the fact that Justin does not have a hand. (Amniotic banding) She is always looking at his missing hand. The other day the nannies asked her where Justin's hand was. Without skipping a beat she said: It was not me, it was Sean, he took it.
Last night I discovered that Sophia can laugh out loud. I just loved it listening to that!!! If you tickle her tummy or kiss her in her neck she does a prolonged belly laugh. When I found Sophia she was a preemie with a cleft and very dark skin. The orphanage nannies told me not to take her because she was so dark and ugly and that she was very weak. I am so glad I brought her home in spite of what they said. She is packed on the pounds and her cheeks are now the widest part of her face. A real little chipmunk.

Life, Love and Laughter,
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