Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ana (Angel) Update

Ana (Angel) was our fifth adoption. It is so hard to think that she left Starfish 18 months ago. It seemed like yesterday. Time really is such a foreign concept. I know for the families, the wait is seems to be an eternity and for me, it just flies by. Our adoption wall is empty and has been for more than a month. This is where we put pictures of the families for the babies, the nannies and the volunteers to see. We have so many babies whose papers are in Beijing. Hopefully at the end of this month there will be some families who will have the great blessing of getting to adopt a Starfish baby.

In the meantime, here is a letter about Ana from her mom, Jennifer. Sophie is her older sister.

I've sent you a couple of photos we took of the girls on Mother's Day. Ana's vocabulary has improved dramatically---she says just about everything now, but we are going to continue speech classes next year at her new school when we move. There are many sounds that she needs to work on, but we understand what she is saying most of the time. Her health is excellent---a little bout of pink eye last month, but that's it. She taught herself to play Sophie's handheld Leapster game, so we got her one for Christmas---she can do all the games on her own. She can identify all her ABC's and numbers 1-10. We can't get her to count still---she says 1-2-4-8-4-2-8....40-91-42??? It's cute. She can copy words and wrote out a little Mother's Day card for me.

She loves to help me fold clothes, put her clothes away and pick out her own outfits. She spends a lot of time looking through her closet and picking out various shades of pink to put together. She really likes her undies with butterflies, hearts, and flowers and likes to pick out her own pair every day. She is so girly in her taste---she loves to wear dresses and spins around and yells, look Mom!!!

Anyway, we are looking forward to moving to our new home (when we finally find one) and having our little family all under the same roof again.

All our best,

Life, Love and Laughter,

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