Sunday, April 05, 2009

Update On Megan (Jasmine)

Here's some pictures of Megan with her sister Carly in some and then buddy Luke and his sister Mari when we went to the zoo. We've had some crazy weather, it's been warm enough to wear short sleeves, then cold again and today we have 2 inches of snow. Megan is really doing well and has been talking and singing up storm. She also likes having books read to her, just last night I was reading one that had Santa in it which she calls ho-ho.

Next weekend we're going out of town for Carly's annual orphanage group reunion. It is always so much fun to see how much the girls have grown. When we adopted Carly there was a total of 9 couples in the travel group and all of the girls were from the same orphanage. We missed it last year since we were getting ready to leave to get Megan. It's hard to believe it has almost been a year. Grandma watched both girls Friday night while we went out to eat with friends. My Mom just loves the girls.

At the end of the month we're taking a big vacation. We are flying to Orlando, Florida to go to Disney World. We are staying on Disney property which we haven't done before but it's suppose to be real nice and make it more convenient to get around. We'll be there 5 days and we're having breakfast with the 'Princesses' one day. I'll definitely let you know how the trip goes and send some more pictures when we're back.

Ken & Leslie

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