Friday, April 03, 2009

Sean Has Probably Been MATCHED!

This has been good news in the last few days. We got a call and needed to update Sean's weight, height etc. That usually means that he has been matched. I have no idea what is happening but I am so pleased. He is one of the oldest babies and he has watched Lily, Jade and Rebecca all get adopted with no news for him about a family. He has really missed Lily a lot and keeps on asking where she is. I know that given half a chance Lily's dad would have taken Sean home and Sean also fell in love with Mark. I hope that these two families will be able to keep in touch after Sean's adoption (the three pictures are all from Lily's family).

It is so hard to explain to you where Sean started out and how far he has come. To see this child brings such joy to me. There is no doubt that we saved his life and to see the child he has become is just such a confidence builder. Yesterday the nannies were telling me that he ignores the Chinese people when they are out on a walk, but as soon as he sees a foreigner he says hello to them. He has been dancing up a storm watching the Wiggles videos and I just love that. So does Breanna; she is walking now too, and when Sean dances she likes to join him. He has got personality in abundance and I feel so blessed to have been his "Manna" for a long while, but I also know it is time for him to have his own family.

How blessed his new family are going to be and how much he is going to love them!!

Life, Love and Laughter,


Joce and sometimes Shawn said...

Thanks for the great news!!

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