Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anthony (Benjamin) was adopted almost a year ago. Anthony has three brothers and went through a really difficult heart surgery after he came home. The amazing thing about that was his Chinese Pediatric thoracic surgeon studied with the American surgeon who did his second surgery. That famous red thread. I just love the picture of him sleeping on his brother and the picture where he is decorating the pretzels. The concentration is just too precious and the chocolate on his face tells you he has been sampling. This is Carrie his mom's letter:

Long overdue update on Anthony...I guess things have gone sooooo incredibly well, that an update didn't seem to matter! I guess we tend to focus on the bad, but not in the case!!! So much is good that I can't complain :)

All of the boys here have bonded with Anthony so well and are so happy. Anthony is a remarkable boy with a heart of gold. He loves people, running and playing like any other toddler. He has more energy than most kids and even with a brand new heart, he is just anther deficits or limitations. He has recovered completely since his open heart surgery in Oct 2008. He is taking some meds but its a small price.

His speech is coming along great and has completed almost 7 months of Speech classes here at his preschool. He will continue preschool in the fall as well.

I am behind in photos are a few of Christmas his 3rd birthday.

All our love

Life, Love and Laughter,

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Holly said...

So cute! He reminds me of our little guy LOVES food...especially sweets!He asks me EVERY night if I will give him more food in the morning. No kidding. He's been home 18 months from China...still asking!
I love these updates...doesn't it keep you going when you are at your wit's end?
Holly in NC